Album Release Party for “Drifter”

March 12, 2015

Cornelia Street Cafe

“Drifter” continues Old Time Musketry’s pursuit of a distinctly American music that draws on the exuberant spirit of jazz, the poignant melodies and soulful grooves of rock and folk music, and the energy and spontaneity of free improvisation. The new album both extends the group’s compositional scope and brings a more refined focus to its unique sound and instrumentation, which features saxophone, clarinet, accordion, melodica, piano, bass, and a drum kit with a giant marching bass drum. The music ranges from brooding rock ballads and hypnotic grooves to off­kilter marches and barnyard waltzes, all the while maintaining a strong and personal musical vision.

Adam Schneit ­- Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet

JP Schlegelmilch -­ Accordion, Piano

Phil Rowan ­- Bass

Max Goldman – Drums, Tambourine, Melodica