The Morpholinos "[For Background Use Only]" released December 2003 (NCM 40119)
UPC Code: 601534011922

1. Rio 5:14
2. Rock With You 4:33
3. Synchronicity 2 8:21
4. King Harvest (Has Surely Come) 4:04
5. Leave It 4:08
6. Garage-Flavored Tune 4:16
7. Billy Don't Lose That Prayer 3:05
8. Carry On Wayward Son 6:30
9. Borderline 3:36
10. Sidecar 2:14


Produced by Jano Rix & The Morpholinos
Recorded by Zeke Zima at Lunchbox Studios, Brooklyn, NY
Additional recording by Franzi Kunze at Ghetto Meadows, Brooklyn, NY
Additional recording and editing by Lori Bingel
Mixed by Neil Krin at Jaks Music, New York, NY
Mastered by Nathan James at The Hit Factory, New York, NY

Brian Drye - Pianos
Lori Bingel - Electric Bass
Matt Glassmeyer - Shuitar

Special Guests: Jano Rix - Synthesizer (tracks 1, 2, & 4)
Josh Sclar - Tenor Saxophone (tracks 1 & 9)
Greg Joseph - Hi-hat (track 1)
Michael McGinnis - Clarinet (track 5), Alto Saxophone (track 9)
Shane Endsley - Trumpet (tracks 5 & 9)
Tim Ziesmer - Guitar (track 6)
Jacob Garchik - Trombone (track 7)
Steve Welsh - Baritone Saxophone (tracks 7 & 9)
Sean Moran - Guitar (track 8)
Mechelle Chestnut - Viola (track 8)
Peter Hess - Tenor Saxophone (track 9)
Walter Hawkes - Trombone (track 9)
Tim Albright - Trombone (track 9)
Alan Ferber - Bass Trombone (track 9)
Dave Smith - Trumpet (track 9)
Jeff Hermanson - Trumpet (track 9)
Matt Hankle - Drum Solo (track 9)
Tom Aldrich - Accordion (track 10)

Track 1 composed by N. Bates, S. Lebon, A. Taylor, J. Taylor, R. Taylor, Biot Music Limited (ASCAP). Track 2 composed by R. Temperton, Rodsongs (ASCAP). Track 3 composed by Sting, EMI Blackwood Music Inc. (BMI). Track 4 composed by R. Robertson, Canaan Music (ASCAP), WB Music Corp. (ASCAP), Warner-Chappell (ASCAP), Fourth Floor Music Inc. (ASCAP). Track 5 composed by T. Horn, T. Rabin, C. Squire, Affirmitive Music (BMI), Carbert Music Inc. (BMI), SPZ Music Inc. (BMI), Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Co. (BMI). Track 6 composed by M. Glassmeyer, Meadow Noise Music (BMI). Track 7 composed by M. Jackson, Mijac Music (BMI); J. Bongiovi, D. Child, R. Sambora, Aggressive Music (ASCAP), Universal Polygram International Publishing Inc. (ASCAP), Bon Jovi Publishing/Polygram (ASCAP), Desmobile Inc (ASCAP), EMI April Music (ASCAP); D. Fagen. W. Becker, Universal Music Publishing (ASCAP). Track 8 composed by K. Livgren, Kirschner CBS Music Publishing (BMI). Track 9 composed by L. Grant, Careers BMG Music Publishing (BMI). Track 10 composed by B. Drye, A. Adee, Bizingas Music (BMI).